Fridaythe 19th
1Check-In/Registration8:00am-8:30amPontiac Room Hallway
2Opening AnnouncementsMICHELLE GIRASOLE , SAL SAUCO 8:30am-9:00amPontiac Room
3Focus On Your Target MarketBOB SALVAS 9:00am-9:45amPontiac Room
4Break9:45am-10:00amRiverside Deck
5Local + ECommerceBILL SMITH 10:00am-10:45amPontiac Room
6Break10:45am-11:00amRiverside Deck
7Psychology of MarketingDAVID ENGLUND 11:00am-11:45amPontiac Room
8WGM AwardSAL SAUCO 11:45am-12:00pmPontiac Room
9Lunch12:00pm-1:00pmRiverside Loft
10Camp Quest Adventure1:00pm-1:30pmOutside
11Energize Your Photos + VideosBILL PARMENTIER 1:30pm-2:15pmPontiac Room
12Break2:15pm-2:30pmRiverside Deck
13Your Business Has A StoryBETTY GALLIGAN 2:30pm-3:15pmPontiac Room
14Break3:15pm-3:30pmRiverside Deck
15The Art And Science Of PricingALLAN LANGER 3:30pm-4:15pmPontiac Room
16Focus On NetworkingBOB SALVAS 4:15pm-4:45pmPontiac Room
17Break4:45pm-5:00pmRiverside Loft
18Dinner Break5:00pm-6:00pmRiverside Loft
19Networking + Campfire + LIVE Music6:00pm-11:00pmRiverside Deck
Saturdaythe 20th
1Breakfast8:00 AM - 9:00 AMRiverside Loft
2Ask The Experts9:00 AM-10:00 AMPontiac Room
3Group Workshop10:00 AM-11:00 AMRiverside Deck
4Group Presentation11:00 AM-12:00 PMPontiac Room
5Prizes + Awards!12:00 PM-12:30 PMPontiac Room